We appreciate your work. We thought you did a great job, paid attention to detail and delivered great work. Thank you so much for the good attitude, smooth flow of work and for informing us on the issues at hand. Great work and I'm so happy we chose you.

— Melina

Jim is a good communicator and is willing to work on a schedule to meet his client's needs. His knowledge and experience were very helpful for us when we were trying to decide on buying a home in Kalamazoo.

— Steve

Thank you so much for your work. I appreciate your thoroughness in the Inspection and I know my money was well spent with your services. Whenever I am presented with the opportunity I will be recommending you to others.

— Michael

Thanks for your services today. I am thoroughly impressed with your company. Not something I say a lot. Well done Kathy on the referral.

— Gary

Jim Willis promised and delivered a thorough home inspection. We had our inspection done during the winter and Jim made sure to check the exterior of the house and pointed out that there was a grading issue below our deck. He also walked us through the entire house to inform us on how he completed the inspection and pointed out concerns that he documented. Lastly with his building background he was able to answer questions we had about our home's construction and design. I would recommend Jim Willis to my family and friends for their next home inspection.

— Steve · Texas Township, MI

Thanks so much for inspecting our condominium. Moreover we greatly appreciate that you took extra time and shared with us your inspection highlights and solutions.

— Ted and Jennie · Richland, MI

Thanks again Jim for your diligent work and timely reporting.

— Kevin · Kalamazoo, MI

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you again, for helping us out. We are in the process of having your recommended fixes completed and all should be done soon. The additional insight that you gave me has also come in handy.

— Doug · Kalamazoo, MI

My Homespect Inspections inspectors knowledge and expertise saved me thousands of dollars and an eternity of heartache. I thought I had found the home of my dreams. I was awestruck with it's shiny and new appearance and practically ready to buy it on the spot the day I saw it. This house was over an hour's distance from where I was moving from so I really didn't know of any home inspectors. On the advice of a good friend, I hired Jim. Thank goodness I did. Jim's trained eyes saw right through the cosmetic distractions and uncovered some very serious issues. Needless to say, we did not go through with that purchase.

A week later, I called Jim back as I had found another "home of my dreams". I was now on my second inspection and was hoping I wouldn't begin racking up frequent flier miles but I knew the cost was worth it. The day I met with Jim at the house he said "this is how it's supposed to be". Later that day I received a beautifully detailed, easy to read report that read nothing like the first house's. The very few small issues that Jim did find were corrected by the sellers and we happily closed on our new home on March 8th.

I know that some worry about the cost of an inspection but I can't think of a better way to protect the largest purchase you'll most likely ever make. The key is finding the right inspector. You won't be disappointed with Homespect. I've gotten used to the unfamiliar "noises" in my house a lot faster because I know that they are just noises and nothing to worry about.

— Lucy W P · Kalamazoo, MI

Thanks Jim! We appreciate your advice and the thoroughness of you inspection!

— Katelin · Kalamazoo, MI

Thanks so much for your time and concern today. The report is very thorough and detailed with good pictures. Thanks again!!!

— Rasheeda · Kalamazoo, MI

Thank you for taking so much time and doing such a thorough job.

— Mellissa · Kalamazoo, MI

Thanks so much for a really thorough inspection. We feel honestly informed of the defects in the house, and we're very grateful for your close scrutiny.

— Jan · Portage, MI

Thank you for being on top of this and getting it to me so quickly. VERY much appreciate your time and expertise.

— David · Kalamazoo, MI

Jim, thank you for a great job and attention to detail it was very appreciated!

— Jon · Kalamazoo, MI

Thank you, we are impressed with the detail of your work. We will definitely recommend you to others.

— Jennifer · Portage, MI

Thank you very much for your help. You were thorough and both my wife and myself appreciate the job you did!

— Joe · Kalamazoo, MI

Thanks Jim – you did a very thorough and professional inspection and we appreciate your expertise.

— Greg · Grand Rapids, MI

Thanks a lot and your high tech report is great.

— Jim · Kalamazoo, MI

Realtor Testimonials

Sarah was thrilled with your assistance at her Inspection last week. Here is a testimonial for you! This is exactly what we want for our clients.....someone who empowers, educates and protects! Thanks for doing a great job for them.

"The home Inspection was awesome! I followed Jim from Homespect Inspections around for over 4 hours, and he explained things and answered questions the whole time. I learned so much about our house! Thank you so much for recommending him to us."